Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hello Winter!

Winter is here. Maybe not officially but the outside temps have us relying on our heating systems daily again.  Here in Minnesota we tend to have the heat turned on for about 6-8 months. This results in an enormous strain  on the heating equipment in many homes. And while many people prefer not to bother with HVAC preventative maintenance on their home heating systems. Perhaps the old saying “out of sight and out of mind” prevails.  There are those too, who choose to have their heating systems serviced religiously. In either case breakdowns occur, combustion inducers or ignitors fail, pumps seize leading to a loss of heat, hot water or both. It is highly recommended to have all heating equipment serviced on a reqular basis. Small problems noticed during these annual service times help cut down on system operating costs, increase overall system efficiency and increase home heating system longevity.

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