Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Auto Start for your home?

A few years back I surprised the lovely Heather with a Christmas gift, a remote car starter for her vehicle.  Whether it was an actual surprise I tend to doubt as she likely saw the purchase pass through our check card statement, nonetheless, she loved/loves it.  I know this has nothing to do with plumbing or heating but maybe, just maybe I can complete the link.

Let's go back few more years, eight to be exact.  The lovely Heather and I, with our now oldest and another on the way decided to build a new home.  With a little blood, sweat and tears our grandeur plans of a new homestead became a reality.  We went all out, as far as our budget would allow for at least.  Some of the "extras" we "just had to have" seem a little silly now.  There are also some things I remember wanting to do (but didn't) that, when looking back, make me laugh out loud.  Who really needs a waterfall in their living room?

Now remember I said some things seem silly, not all.  You see, being a plumber and installing all the plumbing and hydronic heating in my home, there was one thing I just had to have; was going to do and couldn't live without.  A hot water recirculating line.

Whats that?  Well, its simple really.  During the install of the water supply piping to all the fixtures in the house I chose to pipe a small (hot) water line from the farthest bathroom back to the water heater.  This water line is connected to a small circulator, or pump that senses the temperature of the water and keeps it hot during certain times of the day.  The connection is coming, please be patient.

What I didn't really know at the time seems pretty amazing to me now.  This simple addition, or gotta have has saved me an estimated average of about 5,000 gallons of water each year! Wow! Saving water is not the only thing this plumbing marvel does, no because it also saves all the energy it takes to "re"-heat the water in the piping that was once heated but sat idle in the piping until someone turned a hot faucet on.  All that water, all that energy and all it really took was some simple piping and the hatred of waiting for hot water in this big two-story home of ours.

So, much like Heathers truck being warm and ready to go with the push of a button you can come to our house and not have to wait for your hot water.  After all, the faucet handle has an H on it suggesting that the water may actually be hot when you rotate the handle.  I'm pretty sure it shouldn't mean "you'll have to wait a few minutes so you can wash your hands properly".

All is not lost to this magnificent plumbing feat if you are not inline to build a new house.  We now have products available for existing homes, products that will give you the same satisfaction and savings.  If you would like more information give me a call or email.  I would love to share the love, save you some money and a whole lot of water!  Now, I wonder if the lovely Heather might ever think about getting me one of those cool remote starters for my truck?

Until next time, and thanks for your time.
Eric Aune, Aune Plumbing LLC

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