Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reliable, Proven products

Reliable, proven time and time again & backed by a network of great support.  Those are just a few reasons why Aune Plumbing has teamed up with Taco Inc. to bring you the latest innovative radiant heating products available.

Our reputation is on the line, we take every job seriously and strive to select only the best products to complete your project. Ease of ownership, support, reliability and if needed, local replacement parts availability.

I am a professional contractor member of the Taco FloPro Team network.  This close relationship allows me the factory training and industry inside track to all the best products this great American company has to offer.  Rest assured, if Aune Plumbing installs or works on your radiant, solar or domestic water system, you have the highest trained and dedicated contractor working for you!

Eric Aune,
Aune Plumbing, LLC

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