Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's work together to lower your water usage!

Its simple, inexpensive and really makes a difference.

Let's schedule a time to sit down and see how much water you are really using in a year. By using a Household Water Usage Audit Checklist formulated by the United Association of Plumbers & Green Plumbers, we will determine your annual usage and how to make some simple changes to your plumbing system to lower water consumption and your utility bills.

No doubt the results of this water audit are eye opening to say the least! I am continually amazed at how much water we use on a annual basis. I don't pay directly for my families' water, we receive ours from a private well. Nevertheless, we stand to save significantly in water heating costs throughout the year due to our lowered usage. This not only lowers our household budget, but, also has a positive impact to our environment.

If your water is supplied by a municipal source (city water) you will see savings from three main areas. Your monthly water billing is based on gallons used, added to this bill is a sewer usage fee. This fee is based on the metered water usage...Lower the metered usage; lower your sewer & water heating costs.

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