Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why In-floor Heat?

Comfort: The goal of radiant floor heating is to keep people warm. Because the heat is delivered at the floor level, it warms people, furniture and other surfaces. Radiant floor heating systems turn the floor into radiators that can be zoned to provide comfortable and even heat throughout the space; even in difficult-to-heat areas such as bathrooms, entryways and garages.

Efficiency: Its the most efficient mode of heat delivery in existence. Because floor heating warms people & objects directly (as opposed to heating air), and controls the heat loss of a person, comfort is achieved at lower thermostat settings. Floor-heating systems can provide energy savings of 20 - 40% over forced air heating.

Clean & Healthy: Radiant floors don't rely on circulating air so dust particles do not readily spread throughout the space. The spread of other airborne particles, such as pollen, are greatly reduced.

Quiet: No noisy ductwork, fans or pinging pipes. Virtually silent.

Design freedom: More usable space. The heating system is in the floor, allowing a room to be used at its full potential. No limitations for furniture placement due to radiators or ductwork openings.

Greater choice of Heat Sources: Hydronic radiant floors can be heated by many sources, such as gas, electric, oil, geothermal, solar or wood. All the system needs is warm water!
Eric Aune, owner
Aune Plumbing, LLC

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