Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hydronic Radiant Systems

The Right Choice for Comfort!
Using hot water for heating your home or workplace is the most efficient and comfortable heating system available. Anyone who has radiant heat can attest to its superior comfort level; compared to forced air duct systems.

By heating objects in a living space instead of just the air, radiant heat provide a feeling of warmth to your whole body. Unlike forced air (I like to call it scorched air); radiant doesn't blast air currents across your body, constantly pulling heat out you.

The average person expels 4-500 Btu/hour, radiant systems are design to match the amount, therefore, you feel more comfortable. Only the highest levels of comfort are achieved because radiant heating lowers the amount of heat lost by the body.

The best radiant systems are those that are designed specifically for your physical living space and your lifestyle. Aune Plumbing, LLC has striven to produce an overall system to assist the Do-It-Yourself homeowner with the right components, at the right price, to achieve the most satisfaction.

Whether you want to do some of the work yourself, or have us do all of it, you can count on only the highest quality parts and service!

Eric Aune, Owner
Aune Plumbing, LLC
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